Query: Dison, Dyson

Addie Stasny of College Station, TX is looking for death/burial information for her great grandfather Thomas N. Dison (Dyson) who moved to “Rains County, Texas and moved around in that area…Wood County, Alba, Commerce…He went where the work was.” The last record she has found for him was the 1900 census where he is enumerated as “Dixon, but the “J” in the person’s name above his came down into the “S” of his last name and made it look like an “X”. “He was born In Alabama June 1850 and came to Texas in the late 1890’s…his 2 last children by his 1st wife were born in Texas. Apparently she died, cause in 1897 he married a younger woman, he was 46 and she was 20…they had 3 more children together.
They lived in Rains County, Hopkins county, Hunt County…and all areas north east Texas…he went where the work was.
His last child by 2nd wife was born in 1901…so between 1901-1905 he disappeared with is wife…cause they were raised by their Grandparents…on one of the girls obit…it says they were orphaned at an early age.
Just wanted to visit a grave site or close to it. I can’t seem to find an death index on him…and Texas started theirs in 1902.”

Addie would be thankful for any help and also wonders if there is anyone in the area who does family research work for hire. She can be contacted by email at addie1948@wildblue.net.


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