WCGS May Field Trip: Area Museums

Several members took a field trip in May to visit the Alba Library and Museum, Alba, Texas, and the Parrott Park and Museum at Lindale. We were impressed with the collections of late 19th  and early 2oth Century artifacts housed by both locations. It was a type of trip back in time with some of the tools and household furnishing our ancestors had and experienced from home to farm to local businesses and professions.

Of special interest at the Alba museum were exhibits of family information, pictures, and belongings. As well, items such as store sales logs, doctors records including an old birth log by one doctor, and exhibits of soldiers from the Alba and Wood County area serving in war and peacetime during the early to late 20th Century and including up to more recent military conflicts.

On the trip were members Ronnie Vance, Shirley Patrick, Dorothy Harbin, Shirley Bates, and Deason Hunt. In addition to the museums, the group held an outdoor picnic where they were alarmed (briefly) by the noon whistles at Parrott Park. In all, it was an enjoyable and informative field trip.

Museum start at Alba

After meeting at the Quitman Public Library, we all carpooled. Here we are out at the parking lot at the Alba Library and Museum getting ready to start our tour.

Here we did our thing and had our first group pose for posterity. We were all here at the Alba Library and Museum. For the record, from left, Deason Hunt, Ronnie Vance, Shirley Bates, Shirley Patrick, and Dorothy Harbin. The “Good Guys” wore white.

Ronnie reads old papers

Ronnie Vance looks at some preserved copies of old Alba newspapers.

Group welcomed at Alba Museum

We were welcomed by library and Museum staff at Alba and spent time visiting with them as well as touring the many exhibits in the museum.

Fram Impliment

From a farm in the area, this equipment was donated to the Alba Museum

Parrott Park Sign

We posed once again at the sign to show we were indeed at Parrott Park at Lindale.

Parrott Park Scenery

Parrott Park has beautiful outdoor scenes as well as museum and outbuilding exhibits.

P.Park mill wheel

Ronnie Vance examines the water wheel at Parrott Park. In the distance, the park has a windmill typical of that time period.

Belts and Gears Run by Water Wheel

Inside the museum, the outdoor water wheel powered gears and belts which could operate machinery with water power.


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