Query: Jones

My name is Michael Carroll of Houston, Texas. I am searching for any information that anyone may know about my grandmother Florene Limabelle Jones. She was born March 12, 1927 and told me that she was from Quitman. She passed away September 20, 2000 and is buried in Oak Grove Cemetery in Irving, Texas. From what I understand, she was referred to a “Belle” to her friends and family. She lived in Irving, Texas most of her life, and worked for Texas Instruments for over 35 years. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You,

Michael Carroll


One Response

  1. Michael, this is not enough to search for her. I have tried the 1930 Census, but there are too many (74) listed and without her father’s name, where he was born, it would be hard to find her without taking each name and running it down. You can try to get her death certificate from the county of her death and it will tell you her parents, where she lived and was born and who was the informant of her info.
    Since it was resent (2000) you should be able to get it, there being a cost involved, tho. We really need more info. If you come up with it, let us know. Sorry, get back to us later. Dorothy H.

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