Online Obituary Links

Here are websites for our two local funeral homes with Obituaries page:

    I have a page on other funeral homes located within 25 miles of Quitman, TX. with their addresses and telephone numbers.  If any questions, please contact me or write a query on the WCGSTX website.
Dorothy Harbin (

3 Responses

  1. Dorothy, you did not mention the Beaty Funeral Homes in Mineola and Winnsboro which are both less than 25 miles from Quitman. They and all the funeral homes have websites where they list obituaries. They can be located using Google.

    Lou Mallory

  2. Lou, Yes, I did not mention other funeral homes in the county, undoubtedly, you did not read the other sentence of my post, that I had the list and if anyone desired to have it, they could e-mail me or the newsletter editor. Thanks, I am truly sorry, but the list was long, even including towns in counties around Wood County. Concerning
    the websites, all of them do not have websites, such as maybe, Alba, but my list did give addresses and telephone numbers, if so desired.

    • Dorothy, the reason I mentioned adding the email addresses for the other ones is that the person reading the link could enter the emai address in their computer and not have to place a phone call. Sometimes when I get queries on misc. historical matters, the party will ask if I could give them the email address so they can contact them direct.

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