Wood County Taylor Genealogy

New member Jan Droptini of Beaumont has shared her Taylor lineage with the society.

“My father, Ardoth Wayne Taylor, and my mother, Letha Hazel Hood Taylor, were born and raised in Wood County, Texas. Grandparents are Arch Thomas Taylor, Bonnie Faye Attaway Taylor, Henry Lawrence Hood, and Winnie Lee Farmer Hood. I knew all these people personally so I am confident of the relationship. I am relatively certain of the generations of my great-grandparents due to census records and other recollections. They are James Laurence Taylor, Lucinda Jane Robinson Taylor, Elias Franklin Attaway, Emma Francis Glen Attaway, William Berry Hood, Lillian Johnson Hood, Milton Wiley Farmer, and Lucretia “Creasy” Goolsby Farmer.


3 Responses

  1. I was born in Kingsville, Texas to 18-year-old Francis Attaway. She may have been born , herself, in Wood, Texas, She was a clean looking blonde. I was adopted by the Barkers. My name is Phillip Gregory Barker. I go by Gregory. I live in Texas. I am looking for my mother. Can anyone help me? I was born 5/25/56. thank you

  2. Hello! If Francis was your Mother, then your grandparents were Edgar D. Attaway & Lola Bertha Casey Attaway. Francis’ brothers & sisters were Edith, Kenneth, Chester, & Ruby Jean. I was adopted, as well. I hope this information helps!

    • Yes. this info just came to me today 11/7/015…I am in Bandera(San Antonio) , Texas…could you be my sister?? do you live near me? I have red hair and blue/hazel eyes I am tall 6′ 3″. I am married and have a redheaded daughter. I had my DNA checked a long time ago… it came back Germanic (swede/norse like, too)

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