How to Add Information to the Bulletin or Signup for Posting Privileges

There are several ways to add information to the Bulletin.
1) Email the information to
2) Place in information in Deason Hunt’s mailbox (tray) at the Genealogy library section at the Quitman Public Library.
3) Tell or hand the information to Deason Hunt. Warning: Deason forgets things. This is the riskiest way!
4) Sign up for a account (You don’t have to set up a blog to do this) according to directions (Sign up for Posting Privileges) in the left column on this site’s homepage. (It’s a link to click. You can go to that same place by clicking the word HERE.
5) If you just want to add a comment to something posted here, you don’t have to do anything but click on the comment link at the end of the post. When you post your comment, the rest will be taken care of.
To Sign-up For Posting Privileges
You do not have to sign up for anything to read any items on the Bulletin or its links or to post comments to items on the Bulletin home page.
If you wish to have posting privileges to the Bulletin Home page of items of importance or interest to Wood County Genealogical Society members, you need to logon to and open a free account.
1) Go to and select signup (You DO NOT have to have start your own blog.)
2) You will be asked to fill in a user name, password, your email address, check you have read the terms of service, and then click “just a username.
3) when you click to next page, you will get a message that a confirmation email is coming to your email inbox.
4) Go to the email, and click the link to activate your account.
You don’t have to enter any other information if you do not want to.
5) THEN, please email from your own email account to that you wish to have posting privileges on the WCGS Bulletin and your WORDPRESS USERNAME. (Don’t send your password in your email. It’s needed only by you.)


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