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Pictures of a Quitman Bank, the water pump house in Quitman, and the Wallace barber shop and names of individuals involved have been posted at the Wood County (TX) Genealogy Research Community over on Facebook tha nks to member Delene Allen. You can also see surnames of some new folks over there.


About Help With Research

Here at the Wood County Texas Genealogical Society we really don’t any hard and fast rules or procedures for helping those who query or visit the genealogy research room at the Quitman Public Library. Mostly as members become aware of such requests they voluntarily take such queries and provide short answers or ideas for sources like in comments on queries here at WoodTxGene or on our Facebook page. Sometimes a member will do more research and perhaps get into correspondence with a researcher. At this point in time, most do not charge for their research time, but will ask for reimbursement for copy machine expenses and postage. We will, perhaps, set up standard guidelines for researching in the future.

Included here (and below) are examples of one member’s extra steps in helping with research requests. This was supplied for our monthly member newsletter by President Shirley Bates, but the newsletter editor (yours truly) forgot to include in the November issue.

“The latest about Dubose was an email I sent her telling her that since she was looking for her ancestor whose dates were in the 1800’s the last of which was 1846, Wood County was not in the Republic and the censuses did not include Texas or the Republic. I advised her to see if she could find censuses of the Republic or of the Mexican government which owned Texas before the Republic. I told her to check with the Texas State Archives. I told her the phone numbers 512-463-5460 or 512-463-5480 and their email address of Their address is Box 12927 Capitol Station, Austin, T X 78711-2927.
“I also suggested the Steen Library which is on the campus of the Steven F. Austin College in Nacogdoches. I didn’t have the email address or phone numbers but they are easy to find.
While I was doing that research a young man by the name of George Waddleton called me and wanted to know about the Waddletons in Wood County. That name immediately perked up my ears because there is a Doctor Waddleton here and a Reverend Waddleton (I think) here. Dr. Waddleton may be dead. I sent him a lot of info about Waddletons that I found and he wants me to continue researching those names which I will start again next week. He also wants research done in Winnsboro which I’ll do. ” — Shirley Bates

Wood County District Court Jurors 1920

Wood County District Court Jurors to appear August 23, 1920
Grand Jurors: J. H. Malone, Quitman; John Benton, Coke; W. C. Head, Mineola; J. T. Smith, Hawkins; J. C. Adrain, Golden; Ben Stokes, Winnsboro; Will Cruce, Winnsboro; John Bass, Perryville; J. W. Stokes, Pleasant Grove; Bob Lindley, Hainesville; G. A. Green, Pine Mills; W. B. Bryant, Yantis; Wiley Galloway, Rock Hill; John Cox, Little Hope; Earl Jones, Quitman; Dud Armstrong, Alba.
Petit Jury, First Week to Appear August 23rd: R. E. Carrington, W. H. Ayer, E. Meyer, Sid Gilbreath, C. F. Banks, J. H. Barnett, L. A. Monday, L. J. Dial, Jimmie Thompson, W. A. Burks, J. G. Whitehead, C. E. Revelle, E. Benton, W. H. Wren, Cecial Sims, R. A. Bird, T. J. Azbell, J. E. Mallory, Woodie Caldwell, C. F. Parker, J. F. Neighbors,Clarence Baxley, J. R. Turner, Dave Kimbell, O. S. Gilbreath, Bill Hathcox, Zack Pritchett…. [The newspaper page was torn at this point, and while it appears there were more names, none could be viewed. ed]
Weir, Homer R. Winnsboro Weekly News (Winnsboro, Tex.), Vol. [11], No. [49], Ed. 1 Friday, July 30, 1920. Winnsboro, Texas. The Portal to Texas History. Accessed October 9, 2014.

Re: Willingham Query

Ann Mary Warren Hearon Willingham obituary located in our (Obituary) Book W # 2, request was on February 26, 2013. It was located by myself, Dorothy Harbin and copy forwarded to Elaine Shelton for her personal use. This request was done prior to March 10, 2013 at no cost to her. Ms. Shelton was very appreciative for having received this copy by mail.

Thanks to Dorothy  for helping this researcher and sharing the results for the Bulletin.

Query: Obituary and Other Lookups

Question: Does your society do research for folks who don’t live in your area? Do you look up obits? If yes, how do you want to be contacted and what is the rate? If no, does any other organization in the county look up obits?

Answer: We don’t charge for obituary lookups at this time. Members read this blog for query requests (which can be emailed to and, as time permits, a member volunteer does the lookup in our extensive collection of Wood County obituaries. We also have marriage, cemetery, and other vital record resources we can check if requested. We respond by email and also encourage members to share the obituary response here in case others inquire about that individual at a later date. More extensive research can also be performed if a member so volunteers, and any fees would need to be arranged with that member.

Index of 150,000 Plus Courthouse Documents To Be Online

News from the Wood County Democrat newspaper from the last Wood County Commissioners Court meeting is that the county is planning to soon place online about 150,000 courthouse documents dating from 1919. They will be indexed and can be ordered online for a fee of $5.00 per document. This is in cooperation with the office of Count Clerk Kelley Price. The news report of the meeting with details is at this link:

Websites For Genealogy

Websites for Genealogy

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Help Sites

         Great article “January 2009 Getting Organized”  Best article I have ever seen on the subject.        This is the site recommended by everyone.        Free can find state and county sites            Some things may be free.          Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints (LDS) Closes LDS research library is in Gilmer.  Original records are added to this daily. They request help from you transcribing records.     Ellis Island offers Free Genealogy Search & tips for your Family Tree Know nothing about this site.               This is the National Archives, access to federal government records.  I spend hours look for and at things on this website.

Shirley Patrick