How to Add Information to the Bulletin

There are several ways to add information to the Bulletin.
1) Email the information to

2) Place in information in Bulletin mailbox (tray) beside the computer and printer-copier at the Genealogy library section at the Quitman Public Library.

3) Tell or hand the information to Shirley Patrick. Warning: Shirley forgets things. This is the riskiest way! 🙂
4) Sign up for a account (You don’t have to set up a blog to do this) according to directions (Sign up for Posting Privileges) in the left column on this site’s homepage. (It’s a link to click. You can go to that same place by clicking the word HERE.
5) If you just want to add a comment to something posted here, you don’t have to do anything but click on the comment link at the end of the post. When you post your comment, the rest will be taken care of.

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