Quitman – Surnames In Vertical Files

The Wood County Genealogical Society vertical files are housed in file cabinets in the genealogy room at the Quitman Public Library. Surname folders may include many kinds of information including ancestor charts, family sheets, and correspondence to and from the society concerning the particular surname.

Surnames A
Adams, Aaron, Ables, Acker, Adrian, Agens, Alexander, Allen, Allison, Allred, Amason, Anders, Anderson, Anthony, Applegate, Armour, Armstrong, Arnold, Arrington, Attaway, Atwood, Austin, Avery, Aycock.

Surnames B
Bailey, Ballard, Banks, Barnes, Bass, Bates, Beard, Beaty, Beasley, Beckham, Belcher, Bell, Bellomy, Bennett, Benton, Bentley, Berry, Bird, Birdwell, Black, Blackstone, Blackwell, Blakely, Blalock, Bodiford, Bookout, Boone, Booth, Boyd, Boykin, Bradford, Branam, Branch, Brazzil, Breen, Brewer, Bridges, Brittain, Britton, Brock, Bromberg, Brooke, Brown, Browning, Bruce, Brummett, Bruner, Bryson, Buchanan, Buckner, Bullard, Bullock, Burden, Burtkett, Burnett, Burns, Busby, Butler, Butts, Byers, and Bynum.

Surnames C
Cage, Cain, Caldwell, Calhoun, Carlock, Carnley, Carpenter, Carrel, Carrol, Carter, Cash, Cassel, Cathey, Cave, Caver, Cawthon, Champion, Chaney, Chappell, Cherry, Chrietzberg, Clanton, Clark, Clayton, Coats, Coates, Cobb, Cochran, Coker, Compton, Coleman, Conger, Conner, Conti, Chaney, Cook, Cooper, Corbin, Coston, Cotham, Cotten, Cowan, Cox, Crabb, Craddock, Creelman, Creel, Crews, Crone, Crofford, Crump, Cullen, Curl, Currie.

Surnames D
Davison, Dalby, Darby, Davenport, Davis, Day, Deas, Dees, Denham, Denton, Denman, Deveny, Dever, Deuson, Dewoody, Dial, Dichey, Dimsdle, Donaldson, Dortch, Dougherty, Dowell, Duff, Duke, Dyess, Dunahoe, Duncan, Dunford, Dupree.

To be continued…

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