Re: Queries Allison & Rushing & Hood

Member Mark Reid shared this research on three recent queries:

Query: Allison
A J. B. Allison m. Juanita L. Harris 6 Nov 1933.
Query: Rushing
No Horn female married to a male Rushing in our marriage records.
Query: Hood
No appropriately named HOOD persons in our cemetery books.
All I could find quickly.
Mark Reid


Query: Hood

I am looking for cemetery info and confirmation of date death of William Berry Hood and both 1st (Sarah Ann Orr Hood) and 2nd wife Lillian Johnson Hood.
William Berry Hood born 1847 Georgia, died? 1922 Wood County
Sarah Ann Orr Hood, born Georgia, died? 1880 Wood County
Lillian Johnson Hood unknown, believed married William 1881 in Wood County.
William, Sarah and children in 1880 census living in Wood County, nothing after however.
Many family members buried at Maple Springs Cemetery outside Newsome however on recent trip could not find these folks.
Thank you for any help.
David Hicks <>

Query: Hood

 I am wondering if you can help to direct me in my research for my grandfather’s family.  I have census records for 1920, 1930 and 1940 for Henry Lawrence Hood in Wood County.  But I cannot find them listed anywhere as yet in the 1910 census.  There should be Henry Lawrence Hood, Winnie Lee Hood, Milton Charley Hood (born 1907) and Juanita Geneva Hood (born 1909).  I have searched page by page throughout Wood County, Hopkins County, Camp County and parts of a couple of other surrounding counties.  I am under the impression that they had always been in Wood County but I expanded the search when I couldn’t find them there in 1910.  My grandparents were married in 1905, I believe in Wood county.  I have not been able to find him in any census before 1920.  I have genealogy history from another part of the Hood line who states that Henry’s father was Berry Hood (or William Berry Hood) but I haven’t been able to personally confirm that as yet.  I found W B Hood in the 1880 Wood County census as a widower with 3 children older than my grandfather who was not born until 1885.  I have been told that his mother was Berry’s second wife, Lillian Johnson, but I cannot find anything on that except a Texas marriage record (not a certificate, just a record) between W B Wood and Lilian or Lillian Johnson so I am not certain of this being accurate for my family.  My cousin believes that our grandfather was adopted, which could have been the case, I don’t know.  It is unfortunate also that we do not have the 1890 census, as that would have been the first one my grandfather would have appeared in as a 5 year old child.
All of this long explanation is to ask, what records are available through the Quitman Library that might help me in this search?  Would there be any chance of having adoption records?  Are there tax records, property records, school or church records, etc. that I can research?

I seem to have hit a brick wall on that part of my research.  Thanks for a reply.

Wood County Taylor Genealogy

New member Jan Droptini of Beaumont has shared her Taylor lineage with the society.

“My father, Ardoth Wayne Taylor, and my mother, Letha Hazel Hood Taylor, were born and raised in Wood County, Texas. Grandparents are Arch Thomas Taylor, Bonnie Faye Attaway Taylor, Henry Lawrence Hood, and Winnie Lee Farmer Hood. I knew all these people personally so I am confident of the relationship. I am relatively certain of the generations of my great-grandparents due to census records and other recollections. They are James Laurence Taylor, Lucinda Jane Robinson Taylor, Elias Franklin Attaway, Emma Francis Glen Attaway, William Berry Hood, Lillian Johnson Hood, Milton Wiley Farmer, and Lucretia “Creasy” Goolsby Farmer.